“These Gypsies are the dirtiest and least attractive I have as yet seen in the country, but the girls were all pretty and interesting.”

A.T. Sinclair, American Gypsies (New York: New York Public Library, 1917)

Aka the whitest, malest thing that has ever been written


when you are in a hurry and someone wont let the conversation end


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Things I’ll probably draw once I’m on holidays:

  • Shelly de Killer wearing a Hakama
  • Thranduil, Hades and Hans. Not together tho
  • Some greek gods
  • Weapons
  • My OCs


At the beginning of the fight scene between O-Ren and The Bride, O-Ren says “I hope you saved your energy. If you haven’t you may not last 5 minutes”. It is exactly 4 minutes and 59 seconds from the time she steps forward and the music cues, until the fatal blow of the duel.

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find a way to embed this on my grave

that was a ride from beginning to end

me when there’s no more milk for my cereal

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